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An Introduction to Spanish Verb Conjugation and Irregular Spanish Verbs

Irregular Spanish VerbsFor the simplest way to describe and understand what a verb is we must venture back to when we first attended elementary school. It was back then that many of us were first told that a verb is simply a ‘doing’ word and that it is a vitally important part of every sentence in every language in every part of the world.

Words like speak, learn, eat, run and read are all verbs, and in Spanish they are very easy to learn whilst in their infinitive forms, but it isn’t until the verb is in its numerous conjugated forms that learning Spanish verbs starts to become much more difficult, and irregular Spanish verbs in particular can prove to be very hard to learn for many people.

The correct use of verb conjugation and tense is the most important factor in making sense out of a sentence, using the wrong conjugation or the wrong tense can completely change the meaning of a sentence and will make it very difficult to figure out who or what is performing the action and when that action is taking place.

In Spanish, all verbs are first learned in their infinitive form. Spanish verbs are divided into three groups : the ‘ar’ verbs, ‘er’ verbs and ‘ir’ verbs. Quite simply, every Spanish verb will have one of these endings. The vast majority of Spanish verbs end in ‘ar‘, followed by ‘er‘ and then ‘ir‘.

Each of these verb groups, the -ar, -er and -ir verbs has a specific pattern of conjugation that is applied to the verbs of each group, although there are exceptions but more on these in a moment. Verbs that follow any of these three patterns of conjugation are called REGULAR verbs. Regular verbs are relatively easy to learn since once the various conjugations for a specific group has been learned it is basically a case of applying those same endings to the stem of any regular verb from that group.

By the way…in Spanish, verbs are made up of two parts; the ‘stem’ and the ending ‘-ar’,’-er’ or ‘-ir’. The stem is basically the verb and the ending is the Spanish equivalent to the English ‘to‘.

Spanish Verb HablarFor example, the regular verb, ‘hablar‘ meaning ‘to speak‘ in English, is broken down thus: ‘habl-‘ is the stem of the verb and ‘-ar‘ is the equivalent to the English ‘to‘.

However, now we’re going to talk about the exceptions to the rules which are verbs that break from the normal conjugation patterns. These verbs are known as irregular Spanish verbs, and they are not quite as easy to master as their regular counterparts, in fact they can be really difficult at times.

As mentioned, irregular verbs do not follow the common patterns of conjugation followed by regular verbs hence why they are called ‘irregular’. Unfortunately, the most commonly used verbs in Spanish are often irregular, however, this is also the case in most other languages too, including English, and this is why they will be encountered very early on in your studies.

The biggest plus for the student is that even though irregular verbs are undoubtedly more difficult to learn, they will be used a lot more often than regular verbs and because of this they will become etched into a students’ memory much more quickly. This is why there is just one way to learn irregular verbs successfully and that is with constant use and much practice.

It’s a fact that learning Spanish verb conjugation is the main stumbling block that forces many students to settle for speaking ‘pigeon Spanish’ rather than mastering the language properly. This is compounded by the widespread use of Spanish courses that do not devote an adequate amount of time to verb training. What that means is that the time it takes to learn and eventually master Spanish verbs depends a great deal upon the individual effort of the student and the methods he or she uses.

There are two things a student needs in order to successfully train themselves in verb conjugation and they are an effective verb training program which will help to quickly learn those difficult irregular verbs and a good verb conjugation book for fast and accurate reference.

I have personally compiled an irregular Spanish verb conjugation book, that can be downloaded within seconds and you can have your very own copy for only $2, which will go toward maintaining this site and you can read about it here.

The most important tool for verb training and one that will make the whole task of learning Spanish verbs a lot easier and a much more enjoyable experience is a verb conjugation trainer and you can read my review of one of the most popular training programs here. If you are struggling with Spanish verbs then these two should definitely be checked out.

Also, to help you with any immediate issues, I have provided conjugation sheets along with information for the most commonly used Irregular Spanish Verbs and you can find these by following the links in the sidebar.

I hope you enjoy my site and find it beneficial to your studies. Please spread the word on twitter, Facebook or any of the other social networks you might use.

Mucho Gracias y Hasta Luego
Daniel Major

What Is Stopping You From Learning Spanish?

Learning Spanish BienvenidosIf you want to learn a second language then Spanish is a terrific choice. For a start, it is one of the easiest tongues for a native English speaker to get to grips with. Add the fact that it is spoken by an estimated 460 million people all over the planet and we can see that it is an exciting language to learn.

However, what if something is stopping you from learning Spanish? There are some common reasons for not going ahead and taking the lessons you want so let’s take a look at them.

Afraid of the Difficulty Level

It is fair to say that no foreign tongue is easy to learn. After all, you need to learn thousands of new words and a good deal of grammatical rules. Having said that, if you are enthusiastic about your lessons and put your best efforts into them you can learn it a lot easier than you might think. There are many Spanish words which are similar to their English counterparts, so you can make a strong start by learning some simple rules and some easy words. If you get into the swing of things and start enjoying the classes you will soon look at it as a great hobby instead of a chore anyway.

No Chance to Use It

Maybe you are keen to learn some Spanish but aren’t sure whether you would ever get a chance to use it in real life. The good news here is that there are Spanish speaking countries and communities of native speaking immigrants all over the world. This means that whether you are an adventurous traveler or prefer staying close to home you can find people to speak to. You might also find that you can use it in your work at times or simply enjoy some Spanish language films and books in your spare time.

It Might Take Too Long

Of course, we live in an age in which we all want everything right now. Learning a language is something which is going to take you time but it is going to enjoyable along the way too. By getting these classes started you will see how much fun it can be and how the long period of studying isn’t going to be as tough as you might think.

Spanish Verb Conjugation Practice, Practice, Practice!

Spanish verb conjugation practiceIt should come as little surprise to you that practice makes perfect when it comes to learning Spanish verb conjugation.

However, it can become very tiresome going over each verb conjugation time and time again and this is the reason why so many students decide to call it a day trying to learn Spanish beyond a basic level.

Unfortunately, there has been no other way to master Spanish verbs apart from this, and this has been the case since people started to learn Spanish…that is until the development and introduction of verb training software programs. The best of these programs is called the Verbarrator and is well worth checking out.

If you’re fed up of learning Spanish verb conjugation, I’m sorry…but there’s no getting away from it, but you can make the task of doing so a lot more enjoyable and quicker by clicking here… …and yes…I do actually have a copy and wouldn’t part with it if you paid me!

Spanish Verb Conjugation Chart

Spanish Verb Conjugation ChartWhen studying Spanish verb conjugation a chart highlighting the various endings for each specific tense is an invaluable aid. There are many Spanish verb conjugation charts online, most of which are not available to print, which, in my opinion, is a complete waste of time as I realized when I was studying verb formation.

So, what I would like to provide you with, completely FREE by the way, is a completely printable Spanish verb conjugation chart in PDF format.

Please feel free to print off as many copies as you wish, hand them out to your classmates or, anyone else you feel would benefit from them.

If you are teaching Spanish then please use them freely to hand out to your students and why not take advantage of the printable conjugation sheets of some of the most common irregular Spanish verbs on the main site, accessed using the link at the top of this page.

If you find this Spanish verb Conjugation Chart of use please bookmark this page/site so you will find it much more easily in the future.

Here’s the link: SpanishVerbConjugationChart.pdf

What is the Best Spanish Verb App?

Best Spanish Verbs AppThe best Spanish verb app?…A week ago I couldn’t have told you but if you are one of those, ‘up with the times’ kind of people, unlike myself, then you are probably into apps in a big way! So it is not surprising to find that there are a number of Spanish verb apps currently available.

I will not even attempt to try and sound like an expert on apps as I would probably sound a bit foolish, but I will call upon an expert in apps that I know…my nephew!

I have been asked on many occasions if I know of the best Spanish verb app and I have to confess that in order to provide an acceptable answer I had to consult with my hi-tech nephew for an informed response. He provided me with a shortlist which I checked out but there was one thing that I would like to stress before going any further…if you want the best tool for learning Spanish verbs there is absolutely no comparison between any of the apps my nephew showed me and the ‘Verbarrator‘ verb training software which you can check out by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

But if it is the best Spanish verb app you are after then you wouldn’t go far wrong by downloading the FREE app Spanish Verbs Ultimate, it does have a few minor mistakes that are currently being corrected and the app is also being actively updated regularly.

Note: this post is well out of date now and there are probably countless new apps way better than the one I have mentioned, sorry if you’ve wasted your time…however…the Verbarrator is still an excellent investment!!

Learning Spanish Verbs Online

Learning Spanish verbs online is the most effective way to master this difficult part of learning Spanish. Many students have struggled with learning Spanish verbs, in particular irregular Spanish verbs, and it is hardly surprising considering the mind-numbingly boring and tedious old school methods that are used to master conjugation.

Ever since languages have been learned the only way a student could eventually master verb conjugation was to recite and memorize verbs over and over again until they could recite them in their sleep. Although effective, this was very time consuming and hardly what could be called enjoyable.

It is a well known fact that it is far easier to learn something if the enjoyment level is high and this is why learning Spanish verbs online has become increasingly popular.

There are many sites online that provide information regarding the conjugation of verbs, such as this one, that provide all the necessary information required to study Spanish verbs, but none offer the verb training needed to help students learn difficult conjugation easily whilst at the same time enjoy doing so!

There are many sites that offer Spanish verb conjugators, which are very handy, but in all fairness they are all just glorified verb conjugation books, sure they provide the information you require much quicker than if you were trying to find it in a resource book, but apart from that they will not help you master verb conjugation.

If you want to know the best way of learning Spanish verbs online there is only one tool currently available that I would suggest considering which will not only provide the great results you require, but will do so quickly and in a way that makes learning them great fun and that tool is called ‘Verbarrator‘.

I myself have a copy and have no hesitation recommending it to any person who asks for my advice on the best way to learn Spanish verbs. So if you are looking for the best way to learn Spanish verbs online check it out…it’s not free…but it is a quality verb training tool and worth every penny.

How to Say Hello and Other Greetings in Spanish

How to say hello in SpanishLearning how to say hello in Spanish is the first step of many you will take when learning Spanish the path will definitely become harder but these early basic greetings are the food and water of any language and their importance can never be understated.

Do not worry about the formation and the grammar of these early phrases just relax and concentrate on the sound that each of the following phrases makes as you say them, greetings are the first impression you will make when speaking to a Spanish speaker so practice saying them regularly.

When you want to say ‘Hello!’ in Spanish you use the word ‘¡Hola!’

In Spanish the ‘h‘ is silent so you would pronounce ‘Hola‘ as ‘ola‘. This greeting is widely used as in English so you will gain lots of experience using it.

There are of course more formal greetings:

Good Morning which is ‘Buenas días‘.

This is pronounced as ‘bwenas deeas‘. The ‘ue’ is pronounced as a ‘w’ and the accented i in ‘días’ as an emphasized ‘ee

Good Afternoon which is ‘Buenas tardes‘.

Tardes‘ is pronounced ‘tarrdais‘ with a very slight roll on the ‘r’.

Good Evening or Good Night is “Buenas Noches.

“Noches” is pronounced ‘notchais

If you would like to ask someone how they are you would say:

¿Cómo estás?” – How are you?

You could also use “está” if you were asking someone you did not know as a sign of respect, however, apart from asking VIP’s, this form is rarely used nowadays.

Another more informal way of asking someone this is to say:

¿Qué tal?” – How’s it going? or How are you?

When you want to say goodbye to somebody you would say:

¡Adiós!” – Good bye

Now, not to confuse you too much, it is important should you ever hear it being used in this manner, but “adiós” is also used frequently to say hello in Spanish, but only when passing someone very briefly.

Spanish Verb Conjugator Software – Is it Absolutely Necessary?

Spanish Verb Conjugator SoftwareA Spanish verb conjugator should be high up on the list of training tools a student requires when they start to learn Spanish, in fact many consider it to be the ONE tool that they couldn’t do without!


It is simply because the modern Spanish verb conjugator has not only made learning difficult verb conjugations much easier and quicker to do but, more importantly, has improved the success rates for students completing Spanish courses.

Learning Spanish verb conjugation has always been a major stumbling block for a lot of individuals who harbor dreams of speaking Spanish fluently, so much so that many of them fail to complete their studies…modern day verb trainers, or conjugators, can definitely help with this problem.

The Spanish Verb Conjugator Trainer – The Nemesis of Irregular Spanish Verb Conjugation

All students of the Spanish language will recognize that learning, indeed the complete mastery of, the conjugations of irregular Spanish verbs is probably the single most difficult area of their studies yet it was an area of language study that was pretty much left unimproved for years. For many years the only way to learn the dreaded Spanish verb conjugations was to use the good old fashioned and trusted verb conjugation book; with the help of these books and endless hours of memorization and repetition Spanish verb conjugation was indeed mastered…eventually!

Unfortunately, the endless hours of learning when using the verb tables in these books was never the most enjoyable task to undertake and it doesn’t take long before the tedium of this type of studying produces casualties in the form of students giving up on any hope they once had of being able to speak Spanish confidently.

Although Spanish verb conjugation books are still a required tool in the bag of all students, they are no longer considered to be the best way to learn Spanish verb conjugation and are better suited for use as a resource tool. The modern online Spanish verb conjugator is an absolute “must have” for students nowadays as it can slash the time it previously took to learn Spanish verbs and make the task of learning them considerably more enjoyable.

Forget the many free conjugators that you will find online, they are little more than computerized versions of those books I have previously mentioned, what is required to achieve excellent results is a high quality, state-of-the-art, Spanish verb conjugator training program and if you are truly serious about getting the best results you can possibly achieve then you have got to consider purchasing the Verbarrator Spanish verb trainer.

I personally own a copy of this software program and have provided an honest review of it which you can read here it provides a detailed account of the program, what it contains, it’s history and development.

Learn Spanish Like Crazy Review

Why is Learning Spanish Like Crazy one of my Top 3 Online Spanish courses?

learn spanish like crazyCompared with my other main choice, Rocket Spanish  the ‘ Learning Spanish Like Crazy ’ program offered little in the way of interactivity and written course-ware until recently and as a result was not in my considerations for a top three slot.

Not so long ago, Learning Spanish Like Crazy was purely an audio course but they must have seen this as a stumbling block when compared to their competitors and have added a whole lot of bonus material that I will cover shortly.

However, even without the added material, the initial course does provide the student with exceptional benefits with its ability to teach and improve the use of everyday Spanish in everyday situations, although it must be noted that the Spanish taught in this program is Latin American Spanish rather than the more traditional formal Spanish, so for my non American review readers, unless you specifically want to learn Latin American Spanish you would probably be better considering the two courses above!

Click Here to Visit ‘Learning Spanish Like Crazy’ for more information

Personally, I think that this audio course is excellent for improving the use of everyday Latin American Spanish in everyday situations and not the formal ‘textbook’ Spanish that most courses teach. The best way to explain what I mean by this is to use a few lines from the ‘Learning Spanish Like Crazy’ homepage:

– My friend from Latin America explained to me that when he first arrived in the U.S., a learning-English course taught him to ask “How do you do?” in order to ask about someone’s health or when meeting someone for the first time.

But in his thirteen years of living in the U.S. no one ever asked him “How do you do?” It was either “How are you?” or “How you doing?”

And you know what?? He was 100% correct!! I had definitely been using the “How Do You Do?” type of Spanish –

An Overview of Learning Spanish Like Crazy

The course was initially only an audio course which comprised of 30 lessons per volume. Volume one, which I am reviewing, takes the student from beginner level to intermediate, volume 2 comprises of 60 lessons and will help the student reach an advanced level and level 3, when released, will take the student to complete fluency.

As stated above the first level has had an additional 5 bonus products attached which are:

  • FSI Programmatic Spanish Level One
  • FSI Programmatic Spanish Level Two
  • FSI Spanish Level Three (Advanced Spanish)
  • FSI Spanish Level Four (Advanced Spanish)
  • FSI Fast Spanish Course

For specifics on these bonus products I suggest visiting Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

Learning Methods

Learning Spanish Like Crazy was developed to allow for natural learning, the way babies and children learn their native languages. The program is based on several principles of ideal linguistic learning: complete immersion, developing ideal habits, and having the correct attitude.

The way we learn language as a baby and small child is by complete immersion. Whatever the native language, we are exposed to that language all the time. Our parents speak to us continually, we hear others speak, the television, radio and music all assert the primary language and thus, we learn to speak. Only later do we learn to read and write in that language.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy makes use of that important rule of thumb. Do not attempt to read or write a language until you are comfortable speaking. The way you become comfortable speaking is by listening to native speakers constantly; watching Spanish TV, listening to Spanish radio in the car, and listening to the lessons over and over.

Practice Makes Perfect Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Developing the right habits is also a part of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy program. The program asserts that you must practice, practice, practice. The only way to become comfortable with a second language is to use it and hear the sound of your own voice speaking it. It is also crucial to imitate native accents and inflections, so that true fluency can be attained. Using Spanish constantly is a habit that must be learned.

The last part of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy program is the mental component. The correct attitude must be fostered or success will not be attained. After the complete immersion and assuming the right habits, you must believe that you will succeed. It is important to visualize yourself at the end goal of fluency.


This program will definitely help you learn the Spanish language the way it was meant to be learned: through speaking and listening. I found the lessons to be fun, and the speakers in the audio are fun and engaging. The cost is not prohibitive, and is much less than comparable “popular” courses such as the Rosetta Stone series and Pimsleur.

Click Here to Visit ‘Learning Spanish Like Crazy’ for more information

Buy Rocket Spanish…Do You Want to Know Why?

Buy Rocket SpanishDeciding upon which Spanish course to use can often be a dilemma for many people as there are so many Spanish language courses to choose from nowadays but, as is often the case, popularity provides guidance, hence why so many people choose to buy Rocket Spanish.

Rocket Spanish is definitely one of the most popular online Spanish courses currently available and for two very good reasons.

The Reasons Why You Should Buy Rocket Spanish

Reason 1:

Many globally known Spanish courses exist such as those provided by Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, these courses are generally of excellent quality but, unfortunately, this quality normally comes at a price which, of course, puts a lot of people off making any initial investment in them. Rocket Spanish, however, fares much more favorably as it is a very reasonably priced course making it far more attractive to the vast majority of people who would rather not break the bank purchasing a more expensive course.

Reason 2:

Some would argue that ‘budget priced’ Spanish courses are so called because they do not provide the quality learning material that the more expensive branded programs provide and in most cases this is true, but this is where Rocket Spanish again succeeds, providing first class material that is far in excess of the attached price tag.

These two reasons alone…the price and the quality…sum up why Rocket Spanish is so popular.

Another reason why people often buy Rocket Spanish is the sales pitch that is often given which is that Rocket Spanish WILL have you speaking Spanish fluently in eights weeks. Personally, I believe this to be subjective as it depends very much on how much time and effort someone is willing to put into their studies…eight weeks is entirely possible but should not be taken as a definite bench mark!

If you would like to read my full review of Rocket Spanish that covers, in detail, all of the course materials you can do so  by clicking on the tab for Rocket Spanish at the top of the page.

Best Learning Spanish Software

Best Learning Spanish SoftwareWhen deciding upon the best learning Spanish software to purchase it is always best to read as many reviews as possible in order to make an informed decision.

Unfortunately though, many people don’t go down this route and will often make a spontaneous decision to learn Spanish and will buy the first Spanish course they see sitting on the shelf of their local store due to their enthusiasm and eagerness to get started.

In a perfect world, purchasing any Spanish course in itself would not pose an issue as every Spanish course would teach the exact same material and each course would therefore help the student to achieve their goal of speaking Spanish.

The truth is that each student is different…some are much better at learning languages than others, some are better at learning a language from a grammatical viewpoint as you would learn it at school for example, whereas others have much better results by concentrating on conversational skills.

It is for this reason that many Spanish courses are now available, each one slightly differing in teaching techniques and methods offering the best possible fit for individual students.

The one area of Spanish study that has seen a massive surge in popularity in the last ten years is the use of software for studying instead of the more traditional text books and cassettes.

Because more and more people have become connected online the flexibility that it provided for studying a language became much more apparent and as a result there has been a consistent increase in available courses.

Many of the earlier online courses offered little in the way of improving upon traditional methods other than offering the same material in a new format, but after a while specific techniques were improved upon that improved the speed at which Spanish could be learned whilst also making learning much more enjoyable as well as improving the practical application.

Whilst some of these software courses are quite expensive, there are a few others available that are as good, if not better, which are much more reasonably priced.

Personally, I always like to use prolonged popularity rather than short term popularity as a benchmark before considering making a purchase and it for this reason that I would recommend checking out the reviews of the following popular courses before making any decision on which is the best course for you:

There is one other software program that is worthy of mentioning as it has helped me, and many others, learn Spanish quickly and effectively and is a ‘must have’ if you are serious about speaking Spanish well and that program is called the Verbarrator and it is a Spanish verb conjugation trainer, just click on the link at the top of the page to read the review.

1001 Spanish Verbs

1001 Spanish Verbs1001 Spanish verbs was a program that you could download to your PC relatively cheaply and it provided the full conjugation for each of those verbs in the 12 most important tenses used in the Spanish language. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find this program for the PC nowadays and it now seems to be available for downloads to mobile phones only.

However, the question you should be asking is whether or not you actually need a program, or book, that provides the full conjugation for that number of verbs?

The simple answer to this question is ‘no’ and here is an explanation of why the answer is a negative. As you are no doubt aware, there are many thousands of regular verbs in Spanish, and these verbs fall into three groups. These three groups are comprised of verbs that end in either, –ar, –er or –ir.

Regular verbs are so-called because they follow exactly the same Spanish verb conjugation pattern as other verbs that use the same ending, this means you would only really need a full list of regular verbs and a single full conjugation sheet for each verb group in order to find the necessary form.

The only problem with Spanish, as with many other languages, are the high numbers of irregular Spanish verbs that there are…over 2000 to be precise! This, in itself, is enough to panic a Spanish language student especially as learning the conjugations of irregular Spanish verbs is considered the most difficult task when learning the language.

Two thousand seems an awfully large number of verbs with irregularities to learn and if you had to learn each one it would be, without a doubt, but when you consider first of all, that many of these verbs will be very rarely used, if at all, and secondly that these 2000 plus verbs can be further broken down into 66 or so different types of irregular patterns and the task appears much more doable!

So to recap, regular conjugation patterns and 66 irregular conjugation patterns, that is 69 different formations if my calculator is correct which is a long way from the 1001 Spanish verbs in the title. This being the case all you would need are the conjugation patterns for these 69 and lists containing regular –ar,-er and –ir verbs and lists of irregular verbs for each irregularity form.

The biggest problem that faces most, if not all, students of Spanish is that of actually learning verbs and how they are conjugated. Having all the verb sheets you need is great but unless you have an effective method of learning them you will still struggle. For years the only way to learn verbs was to recite and recite some more until you had memorized them – very tedious and boring, not to mention time consuming!

Well this has all changed with a revolutionary software program that not only focuses the mind on specific problem areas but does so without the student ever becoming bored and the results are fast too with many users reporting excellent results. This revolutionary verb training software is called the Verbarrator and it demotes verb books and other verb programs to being only needed as reference tools.

If you would like to know more about how the Verbarrator is revolutionizing verb study check out my detailed and honest review here

Spanish Verbs For Dummies

Spanish Verbs for DummiesIf you are in urgent need of a helping hand with learning Spanish Verb Conjugation do not be too concerned, you are certainly not alone. Almost every student of Spanish requires assistance at one time or another, the difficulty is choosing which form that help will take!

The obvious choice for many people are self help books, one of the most popular at this time has the same title as this post funnily enough – ‘Spanish Verbs for Dummies’. All self help books aim to do pretty much the same thing, their teachings may differ slightly but they all try to make your transition from Spanish novice to verb master as comfortable as possible.

The problem is that many of these books fail to deal with an individual’s specific problem in most cases and are far to generalized, focusing on the most common and generic problem areas that most students have issues with.

The truth is that all students will never always have the same problem, a verb that one person doesn’t have any trouble with may be the same verb that absolutely infuriates someone else and the same applies to different tenses and moods and this is why self help verb books often fall short.

Individuals, are just that, they are all different and will therefore struggle with different verbs and it is therefore logical to presume that books, although there are some that are really good, are too inflexible for an individual’s needs.

The only method of learning irregular Spanish verbs and verbs in general that offers the flexibility that: 1. enables the student to concentrate his or her studies on their individual problem areas, and 2. increase the speed at which Spanish verbs are mastered and Spanish, as a whole, is learned, is with the use of a verb training software program.

One verb training program in particular that stands out more than any other, one with which I have had personal experience of using, is the Verbarrator. The Verbarrator program is about a year old yet it has received great plaudits for the way it has helped students, who were previously struggling badly with learning verb conjugation, my wife and children included, and it is well worth reading my review of it here; Verbarrator Review before looking into buying a self help book.

My review contains detailed information about the program and how it benefits the student more so than the traditional methods of verb training and also how it can lessen the time taken to learn Spanish in general.

However, should you still decide that a self help book is your preferred choice there are some good choices below, but before committing to purchase any of these you should consider investing a whole $2 instead and try the second edition of ‘2000 Spanish Irregular Verbs’ instead!

Spanish Verbs For Dummies CoverBig Red Book of Spanish Verbs

The Online Conjugator, Spanish Verb Practice Tool for the Serious Student

Online ConjugatorFor years linguists have been trying new methods and techniques that would aid in the learning of Spanish. Everything from image association and various other memorization techniques to subconscious study (listening to Spanish whilst sleeping!).

Some of these techniques were effective, whilst others were…well let’s just say, a little gimmicky! Many of the effective methods are still used today but they only really improved how Spanish was learned and not the time taken to do so.

Also, the effective learning techniques were better suited for nouns, adjective and verb infinitives and not for learning the conjugation of verbs (I am referring to image association, by the way!).

Why then is an online conjugator, a Spanish verb practice tool, so effective?

Spanish verb conjugation is notoriously difficult to master and, because of this, it is one of the most time consuming areas of Spanish study.

The traditional method of learning Spanish verb conjugations has always been to use a verb conjugation book and recite, recite and recite some more until the necessary information had been completely memorized…hence why it took so long to learn conjugation.

However, the online conjugator has helped substantially and although the earliest offerings were basically online verb conjugation books, that did little, if anything at all, to improve the situation, the most recent additions have completely transformed how Spanish verbs are studied. One such program that certainly stands out from the crowd is called the ‘Verbarrator’.

Learning verb conjugation has always been tedious and time consuming, some have said it is like riding a bicycle with flat tyres up a hill, sure you’ll get there in the end but boy it’s hard work, and it is for this reason that so many people give up learning Spanish beyond being able to order a coffee or ask for directions.

Now…imagine what it would be like if you actually started to enjoy the study of verb conjugation and as a result you started to master them much quicker than you could have ever imagined!

This is what the current crop of online conjugators offer and why they are an invaluable Spanish verb practice and training tool for anyone serious about learning Spanish efficiently.

For more information about the ‘Verbarrator’ verb conjugation software you should check out my verbarrator review.

How to Conjugate in Spanish

How to Conjugate in SpanishLearning how to conjugate in Spanish is without doubt the most difficult part of learning the Spanish language.

Spanish has an extremely high number of irregular verbs, some more irregular than others, and as well as having to learn new conjugations for all of the common tenses there is also the subjunctive to learn, which is rarely used in English but extremely common in Spanish.

When considering all of the factors mentioned above, it is little wonder that many students give up all because they fail to master Spanish verb conjugation.

However, there is an excellent software program that has been a resounding success in helping struggling students get past their personal stumbling blocks and it does it quickly too!

The name of that program is the Verbarrator and it not only provides excellent verb training but it is extremely enjoyable to use and definitely speeds up the learning process! More about the Verbarrator later…back to learning to conjugate in Spanish!

The simplest way to explain how to conjugate in Spanish is to show Spanish conjugation in it’s simplest form which is a regular verb in the present tense.

If you are not aware already, you need to know that there are three different verb groups in Spanish, and those groups are comprised of verbs that end in ‘-ar’, ‘-er’ and ‘-ir’.

Here is the present tense conjugation for a verb from each of these regular verb groups.

Trabajar – to work

  •     I work – trabajo
  •     You work – trabajas
  •     he/she works – trabaja
  •     we work – trabajamos
  •     you all work – trabajaís
  •     they work – trabajan

Abrir – to open

  •     I open – abro
  •     You open – abres
  •     he/she open – abre
  •     we open – abrimos
  •     you all open – abrís
  •     they open – abren

Aprender – to learn

  •     I learn – aprendo
  •     You learn – aprendes
  •     he/she learn – aprende
  •     we learn – aprendemos
  •     you all learn – aprendéis
  •     they learn – aprenden

Please remember, these are just the basics, for more on verb conjugation why not check out the rest of the site using the menus at the top or in the sidebar or check out more about the Verbarrator software program I mentioned earlier.