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Poner Preterite Tense

The Spanish verb Poner meaning ‘to put’ is yet another frequently used Spanish verb that is extremely irregular.

Poner preterite tense conjugation is quite different in its irregularity compared to the other indicative tenses as the stem ‘pon’ changes to ‘pus’ as shown in the table below.

Poner Preterite Tense Conjugation

yo puse I put
pusiste You put
él, ella, usted puso He/She/You put
nosotros/as pusimos We put
vosotros/as pusisteis You put
ellos, ellas, ustedes pusieron They/You put

Conjugating Poder Preterite Tense

Poder, the Spanish verb meaning ‘to be able to’ or ‘can’, is a highly irregular verb that is used frequently and is therefore important to know, poder preterite is no exception and the conjugation is covered below.

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Poder in the Preterite Tense

yo pude I was able to
pudiste You were able to
él, ella, usted pudo He/She/You was/were able to
nosotros/as pudimos We were able to
vosotros/as pudisteis You were able to
ellos, ellas, ustedes pudieron They/You were able to

How to Conjugate Haber Preterite Tense

Conjugating haber, or rather knowing how to conjugate haber, in all tenses is very important as haber’s primary use in Spanish is as an auxiliary verb and as such it will be used a great deal when using the perfect tenses of all verbs.

However, this particular post will cover the conjugation of haber preterite tense which is highly irregular.

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Haber in the Preterite Tense

yo hube I had
hubiste You had
él, ella, usted hubo He/She/You had
nosotros/as hubimos We had
vosotros/as hubisteis You had
ellos, ellas, ustedes hubieron They/You had

How to Conjugate Dar Preterite Tense

Learning how to conjugate dar preterite tense can be difficult due to the fact that it is highly irregular but here is a table showing its different forms.

Dar in the Preterite Form

yo di I gave
diste You gave
él, ella, usted dio He/She/You gave
nosotros/as dimos We gave
vosotros/as disteis You gave
ellos, ellas, ustedes dieron They/You gave