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Spanish Imperfect Tense

The Spanish imperfect tense is probably one of the easier tenses to learn due to the fact that there are only three verbs that are irregular in the imperfect tense and they are ser, ir and ver but before covering how the Spanish imperfect is conjugated lets first look at when we should use this frequently used past tense.

The Spanish imperfect tense refers to an action that happened in the past that is:

1. Indefinite: that is to say it has no definite start or end date.

2. Is a continuous or repeated action

3. Happened over a period of time

4. Began in the past but has continued into the present

Spanish Imperfect Tense Verb Endings

As well as only having three irregular conjugations to learn there are only two sets of endings as -er and -ir verbs both share the same endings. The Spanish imperfect is formed using the stem of the verb and the respective imperfect ending.

Hablarto speak: Regular Conjugation of an -ar verb in the Spanish Imperfect Tense

yo habl-aba I was talking
habl-abas You were talking
él, ella, usted habl-aba He/She/You was/were talking
nosotros/as habl-ábamos We were talking
vosotros/as habl-abais You were talking
ellos, ellas, ustedes habl-aban They/You were talking

Comerto eat: Regular Conjugation of an -er verb in the Spanish Imperfect Tense

Please note that the same endings are used for verbs ending in -ir.

yo com-ía I was eating
com-ías You were eating
él, ella, usted com-ía He/She/You was/were eating
nosotros/as com-íamos We were eating
vosotros/as com-íais You were eating
ellos, ellas, ustedes com-ían They/You were eating