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Venir Conjugation

The Spanish verb VENIR means ‘to come’ in English and is as commonly used in Spanish as it is in English. Venir is a highly irregular Spanish verb which is irregular in the present, preterit, future and conditional tenses and also in all of the subjunctive tenses as well as in the imperative.

For now though we will simply concentrate on how to conjugate venir in the present tense and cover all other tenses in future blog posts that will be posted very soon.

Venir Conjugation

Conjugation of Venir in the Present Tense

VENIR is often referred to as a ‘go’ verb because of the use of go as an ending in the first person singular. Venir is also a vowel changing verb, in this case the e changes to ie in the second and third person singular and the third person plural.


yo vengo I come
tú vienes you come
él/ella viene he/she/it comes
usted viene you come


nosotros venimos we come
vosotros venís you all come
ellos/ellas vienen they come
ustedes vienen you all come

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